X-Ray Inspections

The Department of Health requires registration of all X-ray machines through the Master Business Licensing service of the Department of Revenue.

The X-Ray Program evaluates darkrooms and film processing, machine performance, image quality, technologist qualifications, operator protection, and - most importantly - patient exposure.

There are more than 6,500 facilities using X-ray machines in Washington.

More information about state regulations is on the WAC - X-Ray page.


  • Medical X-ray facilities - physicians, clinics, hospitals and chiropractors - are inspected once every two years.
  • Mammography facilities are inspected every year.
  • All other facilities - dental, podiatry, veterinary, industrial - are inspected once every 3-4 years.

General Outline of the Types of X-Ray Machines Used

  • Radiographic systems (dental, podiatry, veterinary, medical, chiropractic)
    • Chest radiography
    • Panoramic dental
    • Intraoral dental
    • Cephalometric dental
    • Portable and mobile
  • Fluoroscopic systems (hospitals, radiologists)
    • Heart catheterization and other Special Procedures
    • C-arms in surgery
    • Upper GI and barium studies
    • Mini-C-arms (such as Fluoroscan, OEC and XiScan)
  • Mammography
  • Linear accelerators (used for cancer therapy)
  • Computed Tomography (CAT or CT)
  • Cabinet X-ray Systems (such as airport baggage X-ray)
  • Diffractometers (research)
  • Industrial radiography (pipe welds, circuit board analysis)
  • Cyclotrons (industry and research)
  • Bone densitometers (X-ray absorptiometry) for detection of osteoporosis


X-Ray Program Contacts