Radiation Contacts

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Office Contacts

Tumwater Office

Address: 101 Israel Rd SE, Tumwater, WA 98501
Mailing: P.O. Box 47827, Olympia, WA 98504-7827
Phone: 360-236-3300
Fax: 360-236-2255

Richland Office

Address: 309 Bradley Blvd, Suite 201, Richland, WA 99352
Phone: 509-946-0363
Fax: 509-946-0876


Office Email: RadiationInfo@doh.wa.gov

Radioactive Air Emissions: AIRRichland@doh.wa.gov

Radioactive Materials Licensing: RadioactiveMaterials@doh.wa.gov

X-Ray: x-ray@doh.wa.gov 

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Jill Wood, Director, 360-628-2244, Tumwater Office

Chris Williams, Deputy Director, 360-918-6156, Tumwater Office

Earl Fordham, Associate Director, 509-628-7628, Richland Office

John Martell, Associate Director, 509-727-0646, Richland Office

Kristen Schwab, Executive Director and Chair, NorthWest Interstate Compact on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management360-239-2358, Tumwater Office

Nerissa Lancendorfer, Administrative Assistant, 564-200-3957, Tumwater Office

Divina Clark, Administrative Assistant, 564-200-2107, Tumwater Office

Edy Cooke, Administrative Assistant, 564-233-8612, Tumwater Office

Cheri Kennedy, Administrative Assistant, 509-778-2222, Richland Office

Neil Good, Health Services Consultant, 360-972-5726, Tumwater Office

Jasmin Hernandez, Performance and Readiness Coordinator, 360-791-9832, Tumwater Office

Jessica Arnold, Fiscal Lead, 360-236-3211, Tumwater Office

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences website

Mike Priddy, Section Manager, 509-727-5426, Richland Office

Lynn Albin, Radiation Health Physicist, Environmental Oversight, Lab Liaison, Radiochemistry, 360-239-7543, Tumwater Office

Eileen Kramer, Environmental Specialist, Data and Information Requests, Commercial Low-Level Radioactive Waste Site Use Permit Administrator, 360-236-3254, Tumwater Office

Jane Lepage, Environmental Specialist, 564-669-0743, Richland Office 

Megan Perkins, Radiation Health Physicist, Sampling, 509-792-4149, Richland Office

Tom Rogers, Radiation Health Physicist, Regional Health Physics Lead and Radon Outreach, 509-374-6202, Richland Office

Scott Van Verst, Epidemiologist, Tumwater Office

Radioactive Air Emissions

Radioactive Air Emissions website

Email Radioactive Air Emissions

Crystal Mathey, Section Manager, 509-578-0843, Richland Office

April Ableman, Administrative Assistant, 564-669-3441, Richland Office 

Laura Aukerman, Radiation Health Physicist, 564-669-9654, Richland Office

Shawna Berven, Health Services Consultant, 509-572-8971, Richland Office

Ben Conroy, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-792-0458, Richland Office

Tom Frazier, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-638-2151, Richland Office

Shannan Hardziej, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-537-2054, Richland Office

Jeffrey Kulp, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-385-2932, Spokane Office

Lucas Lidey, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-222-8202, Richland Office

Tim Medford, Radiation Health Physicist, 564-200-2143, Richland Office

Cassandra Sanders, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-792-4148, Richland Office

Samuel Torres, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-537-4912, Richland Office

Randy Utley, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-727-3086, Richland Office

Radioactive Materials

Radioactive Materials website

Email Radioactive Materials

Samantha Mendez, Administrative Assistant, 564-200-3681, Tumwater Office

Sonum Choudrie, Radiation Health Physicist, Tumwater Office

Carlos Delgado-loya, Radiation Health Physicist, 360-742-1879, Tumwater Office

Tanner Depert, Database Manager, 360-789-2930, Tumwater Office

Ryan Dragness, Radiation Health Physicist, Tumwater Office

Mark Hernandez, Radiation Health Physicist, 360-742-1878, Tumwater Office

Jim Killingbeck, Radiation Health Physicist, 360-236-3224, Tumwater Office

Ashley Nelson, Radiation Health Physicist, 564-669-4272, Tumwater Office

Ulysses Rodriguez, Radiation Health Physicist, Tumwater Office

Boris Tsenov, Radiation Health Physicist, Medical Lead, 564-200-3686, Tumwater Office

Radiological Emergency Preparedness

Radiological Emergency Preparedness website

Mark Henry, Section Manager, 360-338-5656, Tumwater Office

Michelle Anderson-Moore, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-727-5135, Richland Office

Joshua Brice, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-619-2791, Richland Office

Doris Keller, Health Services Consultant, 564-669-4275, Tumwater Office

Ben Maltz, Radiation Health Physicist, Tumwater Office

Katherine Martin, Health Services Consultant, 360-742-1433, Tumwater Office

Jack Wiley, Radiation Health Physicist, 509-491-2192, Richland Office

Waste Management

Waste Management website

Samantha Acuff, Administration Assistant, 564-669-0336, Tumwater Office

Megan Aunan, Hydrogeologist, 360-688-8703, Tumwater Office

Dane Blakinger, Radiation Health Physicist, Project Manager - Perma-Fix Northwest, 360-236-3244, Tumwater Office

Israel Chavarria, Radiation Health Physicist, 360-584-4869, Tumwater Office

Jerry Ingram, Radiation Health Physicist, Tumwater Office

Jeff Logan, Radiation Health Physicist, Spokane Office

Gregorio Rosado, Radiation Health Physicist, Project Manager - US Ecology, 360-236-3242, Tumwater Office

Bryony Stasney, Hydrogeologist, Project Manager - Dawn Mining Company, 509-329-2156, Spokane Office


X-Ray Program website

Email X-Ray Program

Plan Reviews and Shielding Plan Information

X-Ray Equipment Registration, 1-800-299-9729

Christopher Haigh, Section Manager, 360-918-4536, Kent Office

Richard Montemarano, Section Manager, 360-522-3774, Tumwater Office

Amanda Hoffman, Administrative Assistant, 360-236-3235, Tumwater Office

Matt Bullock, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, Medical Program Lead, 360-999-7633, Tumwater Office

Casey Cain, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, 564-669-0929, Tumwater Office  

Jennifer Davison, Health Services Consultant, Registrar, 360-236-3230, Tumwater Office

Gerald “Jerry” Ewanick, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, 360-789-2748, Richland Office

Garth Gladfelder, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, CT Program Lead, 360-810-0309, Tumwater Office

Rochelle Honkus, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, 509-329-2158, Spokane Office

Grey Pickett, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, 360-870-5624, Tumwater Office

Shannon Quinn, Radiation Health Physicist, 564-669-8681, Tumwater Office

Kaylee Rothberg, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, 360-688-0346, Tumwater Office

Tharon "Ron" Sheen, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, Mammography Lead, 253-391-0345, Maple Falls Office

Adam Stricker, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, Mail-in Inspection Program, 564-999-1714, Tumwater Office

Melvin Weatherly, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, Therapy and Fusion Program Lead, 206-947-0946, Kent Office

Steven White, Radiation Health Physicist, Inspector, 564-999-3241, Kent Office