Radiologist Assistant - Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the application fee?

You may find find fee information on the licensing webpage.

How long does the application process take?

You may find current processing times on our Application Status webpage.

If I have a student-issued transcript, may I send that with my application?

No. You must request the issuing institution to send all required documentation to:

Washington State Department of Health
Radiologist Assistant Program
P.O. Box 47877
Olympia, WA 98504-7877

What types of background checks are performed?

Since 1999, the Washington State Department of Health has performed state background checks on all health profession applicants. On January 1, 2009, the Washington State Department of Health began using national fingerprint-based background checks.

At this time, we require fingerprints from out-of-state applicants and those with a criminal history in Washington. Failure to submit fingerprints will delay processing these applications.

Applicants who require the national fingerprint-based background check must pay a fee to have their fingerprints checked against the federal database. They must also arrange for and pay the cost of taking the fingerprints. Fingerprint services may be obtained at local law enforcement offices. Fingerprints must be taken on the fingerprint card the department provides.

Temporary practice permits may be issued to qualified applicants who must have a national fingerprint-based background check. They must meet all other licensing requirements, have an active license without restrictions in another state and have no criminal history in Washington.

These permits allow the person to practice the full scope of their profession for up to 180 days. There is no fee for this permit.

You may find more information about temporary practice permits on our website.

If I'm licensed in another state, may I begin practicing once you have my application?

No, you must have a valid Washington radiologist assistant license before practicing as a radiologist assistant.

Once I have my Washington license, may I begin practicing?

No, you must have a supervisory plan approved by the department before you can start practicing.

How do personal data questions affect my application?

A “yes” answer to a personal data question or the existence of a criminal conviction doesn't automatically prohibit us from issuing a credential. If you answer “yes” on any of the personal data questions or if criminal history appears on a criminal background check, we'll evaluate your file on an individual basis. The application now becomes an exception file and the normal application processing time doesn't apply.

I'm nationally certified, do I still need to be licensed in Washington to practice?

Yes. A person may not practice or represent him or herself as a radiologist assistant in Washington without first receiving certification from the department.

What is the process for having a verification of my Washington radiologist assistant certification sent to another jurisdiction?

Send a written request and a check or money order made payable to:

Department of Health
Radiologist Assistant Program
P.O. Box 1099
Olympia, WA 98507-1099

You may find verification fee information on the licensing information webpage.

How much is my renewal fee?

You may find fee information on the licensing information webpage.

What if I didn't receive my renewal notice?

Courtesy renewal notices aren't required for renewal. You may update your credential by mailing your renewal payment to us with documentation of your name, credential number, current mailing address and any other renewal requirements.

You may also contact our Customer Service Office or see your profession's webpage to determine the renewal fees and requirements.

What procedures may I perform as a certified radiologist assistant?

Radiologist assistant scope of practice is provided in WAC 246-926-300.