Preparing a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

Regulation Information and Assistance

All Group A community water systems must provide their customers with a report each year about the quality of water they serve. Group A water systems serve 15 or more connections or 25 or more people.

This regulation does not apply to transient non-community (TNC), non-transient non-community (NTNC) or Group B water systems. You must deliver the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to your water system customers and the State Department of Health before July 1 of each year. For information about creating and distributing the report, please take a look at the following topics.



Certification Form (required to be sent to the state with each water system's report).


CCR workshops are available from our training partners. Please check our training website for more information.


2017 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2017 Non-Compliant Systems (PDF)

2016 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2016 Non-compliant Systems (PDF)

2015 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2015 Non-compliant Systems (PDF)

2014 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2014 Non-compliant Systems (PDF)

2013 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2013 Non-compliant Systems (PDF)

2012 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2012 Non-compliant Systems (PDF)

2011 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2011 Non-compliant Systems (PDF)

2010 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2010 Non-compliant Systems (PDF)

2009 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2009 Non-compliant Systems (PDF)

2008 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2008 Non-compliant Systems (PDF)

2007 Compliance Rates (PDF) | 2007 Non-compliant Systems (PDF)


For questions about the Consumer Confidence Report regulation, contact your Drinking Water Regional Office.

Eastern 509-329-2100

Northwest 253-395-6750

Southwest 360-236-3030