Courier Service

State Funded Courier Services

Birthing centers and hospitals will be provided pickups and midwives will be provided shipping supplies to drop off specimens at FedEx or UPS.

For more information, read the Courier Announcement (PDF).

In 2023, legislation was passed to increase the Newborn Screening (NBS) fee from $119.30 to $135.10. Part of this fee increase will support state funded courier services for first NBS specimens collected in the state of Washington.

Birthing Centers and Hospitals

Birthing centers and hospitals must provide information for courier pickups to be established. Please submit the necessary information by completing our survey using the button below.

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Midwives should refer to our Midwife Courier Fact Sheet (PDF) for instructions on how to obtain courier services and shipping supplies.

Our office is working to establish courier services as quickly as possible. Specimen submitters will be notified of their start dates. We will update this website as our efforts proceed. For questions or concerns, please contact our program at or via telephone at (206)418-5410.