Court Ordered Parentage

When is a court order needed to establish parentage?

You need a court order to establish parentage if:

  • There are questions about who is a parent
  • The mother/birth parent wants to add or remove parent(s) on a child's birth certificate
  • The parties are in disagreement and unwilling to sign an Acknowledgment of Parentage or Denial of Parentage form.

For example, if the mother/birth parent believes there is more than one possible father/parent or one of the parents is unable (i.e., deceased) or unwilling to sign the Acknowledgment of Parentage form.

Required information to process court orders

The Department of Health requires the following information to identify and change the child's birth record to comply with a court order:

  • Full legal name of the child, as listed on the child's birth record
  • Child's date of birth
  • Mother/Birth parent's full name as listed on the child's birth record
  • Full legal name, date of birth, and place of birth for the individual being added as a parent to the child's birth record.

Court Order Parentage Supplemental Information form (DOH 422-164) (PDF)

Formulario para Información Suplementaria de una Orden Judicial de Paternidad (DOH 422-164) (Español) (PDF)

Opening a Parentage Case

The Department of Social and Health Services can help you establish parentage for your child if you apply for services with the Division of Child Support (DCS). Visit the DCS website for information about opening a parentage case in court.

What is required to submit a court order?

To submit the court order, we need the following:

Mail    In-Person

By Mail

Mailing Address  

Send all forms and payments to:

Department of Health
Center for Health Statistics
PO Box 9709
Olympia, WA 98507

Ordering a certificate with a correction request

  • Send completed certificate order form with your correction request. Include all required documents referenced on the certificate application instruction page.
  • Certificate will be issued after the correction has been processed.

Birth Certificate Application (en español)

Death Certificate Application (en español)

Marriage & Divorce Application (en español)

Exchanging a certificate with a correction request

If you currently have a certified copy of a certificate that was issued less than one year ago, send in the certified copy of the certificate with your correction request; we will exchange the certificate at no charge.

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