Reflexologist - Education Requirements

Education Requirements

School approval

In order to qualify for a reflexology certification in this state all applicants must show completion of a state-approved reflexology school or apprenticeship program before qualifying for a license (RCW 18.108.070).

Minimum program requirements

  • Thirty hours of reflexology theory, history, zones, reflex points and relaxation response and contraindications
  • Forty hours of study of body systems as related to reflexology
  • Thirty hours of anatomy and physiology
  • Five hours of business practice involving ethics, business standards and local/state laws and ordinances pertaining to the practice of reflexology
  • Twenty-five hours or more of supervised practicum or clinical work
  • Seventy hours of additional homework hours that can include giving and documenting client sessions as well as other written work

When your application is received it will be initially reviewed for completeness. At that time, any additional information or materials deemed necessary will be requested. The application will then be provided to the secretary for review. The secretary will then either deny, approve or conditionally approve the application.

Before your program is approved, the secretary may conduct a site review, and periodic site reviews thereafter, to ensure continued compliance with the standards for approval. The site review will consist of a self-evaluation, to be completed by the school and a visit to the school by a representative of the department.

At the time of a scheduled site review, if your school or program has recently been reviewed by another accrediting agency, a copy of their review may be accepted by the secretary in lieu of an additional site-review. Information from the other review will be used to determine whether credentialing requirements have been satisfied.

The secretary has the final authority to determine if the information is complete and if it meets the established standards. Reflexology school program applications are available online.

The secretary must receive the application in a three-ring binder. Reflexology school application is considered to be complete and ready for the secretary's review when it contains the following:

  • Table of Contents in the front of each binder;
  • an index;
  • consecutively numbered pages; and
  • Original school catalog in each binder.