Suicide Prevention in the Workplace

How You Can Prevent Suicide in the Workplace

There are many resources for suicide prevention in the workplace. Take a look at the Washington State Suicide Prevention Plan to see how your role might fit in with others.

Military service member or veteran

Washington Department of Veteran Affairs Behavioral Health Resources

  • Max Impact app was created for WA veterans experiencing traumatic brain injuries

    Nine9Line Veteran Services is a WA-based organization promoting connectedness with veterans, their families, and communities.

    WAServes connect service members, veterans, and their families to local services.

    Veteran Crisis Line : 1-800-273-8255, Press 1

Athlete or coach

NFL Life Line - for current and former NFL players, their families, and NFL staff

The Jason Foundation's Coaches Assistance Program

Construction employee

The Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention offers several resources and posters, including the following collaborations with the J Spencer Foundation.

Correctional facility employee

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

  • The National Alliance for Suicide Prevention provides recommendations to successfully prevent suicide in Juvenile Justice Setting.
Disaster Response

SAMHSA resources for disaster responders, in English and Spanish

Faith community leader

The Faith.Hope.Life campaign offers resources, publications and templates for worship and spiritual services for Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Native American faith communities.

The Suicide Prevention Resource Center

First responder

The World Health Organization has a publication (PDF) for police, firefighters and other first responders

Crisis intervention team training

  • can improve police departments' ability to interact appropriately with people experiencing mental illness.

    The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Funeral services employee

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association

Gun Retailer

Safer Homes, Suicide Aware campaign

Seattle Children's Safe Gun Storage Giveaway Events

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention & National Shooting Sports Foundation Partnership

Healthcare provider

Health profession training

The Suicide Prevention Resource Center offers many free resources:

Higher education employee

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

  • campus suicide prevention and additional resources

    Multicultural Competence Kit is a comprehensive resource for suicide prevention in diverse campus settings


Journalism resources

WHO's Preventing suicide: A resource for media professionals 2017 update

Law enforcement

Carson Spencer Foundation

Manager or human resource professional

The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Medical examiner or coroner

Best Practices for Talking about Suicide for Medical Examiners and Coroners was created to assist Medical Examiners and Coroners communicate safely to media and families about a suicide death.


Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention

School employee

The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

  • list of resources for preventing and responding to suicide in the school setting

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

  • toolkit (PDF) for suicide prevention in high schools

    Suicide Prevention Resource Center

  • toolkit (PDF) that can walk you school through how to respond to the death of a student by suicide

    Professional Educator Standards Board

  • Set to Go Program that helps high school students and their parents prepare for transitioning to college life.

Not One More Vet is an online veterinary support group.