Shellfish Wet Storage

All shellfish wet storage activities require a detailed Wet Storage Plan of Operations (Word). The plan must be submitted and approved by the Department of Health prior to beginning any wet storage activity.

Types of Shellfish Wet Storage

Onshore Wet Storage Requirements

Each onshore wet storage facility (re-circulating and flow-through) shall meet the following design, construction, and operating requirements. These requirements will be reviewed during the required preoperational inspection.

Recording Keeping

If more than one harvested lot of shellfish is being held in wet storage at the same time, the identity of each harvest lot shall be maintained throughout the wet storage process.

Records must be kept for each lot of shellfish that which includes species, original harvest location, original and final harvest dates, and quantity of shellfish.

If the operation receives and wet stores shellstock, the tags need to indicate the additional following information to the requirements in the guide from the National Shellfish Sanitation Program (NSSP), FDA.

Type Wet Storage Plan Permit Site Certification Records Additional Tagging
Summary of Wet Storage Requirements
Flow-through Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recirculating Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Sink Float Yes No Yes Yes No
Stored on a different beach than originally harvested from. Yes No Yes Yes Yes

More Resources

WAC 246-282-042, Wet Storage Permit

Wet Storage Plan of Operations (Word)