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The Department of Health works with our state's 35 local health agencies, Tribal health partners, our healthcare system and others to improve the health of Washingtonians. We offer technical assistance and services to support our public health system in a continuous process of quality improvement and development.

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Systems Measurement and Improvement

Community Health Assessment and Improvement


National Accreditation

Performance Measurement

Public Health in Washington

Strategic Planning

Equity Impact Review

The Equity Impact Review (EIR) Guide (PDF) is designed to help public health staff find ways to reduce any negative effects of proposed policies, programs, or projects. The guide will help users:

  • Identify ways proposed policies or programs may need to be modified to ensure they will reduce health disparities - not make them worse
  • Better understand the uneven impacts of our decisions on various populations or communities
  • Make program and policy recommendations that promote equity and ease adverse impacts

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Technical Assistance, Training and Services

Public Health Improvement Partnership (PHIP)

Training for Public Health Professionals

Reporting Systems

Public Health Issue Management System (PHIMS)

Washington Disease Reporting System (WDRS)

Other Resources and Information

Best Practices

Funding and Contracts

Immunization Resources

Local Health Resources and Tools

Veterinarian Resources