Temporary Worker Housing - Public Water Requirements

Drinking Water Licensing Requirements

To get your Temporary Worker Housing license, the public water system serving the temporary/migrant farmworker housing facility must be in compliance with the department's Office of Drinking Water rules. Each year we require that you test your facility's public water system to show that it is in compliance with state rules. Any additional requirements from the Office of Drinking Water or your county health department for approval of your public water system must be met before getting your Temporary Worker Housing license.

Testing Your Camp's Water Supply

Your facility's public water system must be tested for nitrate and bacteria by a certified laboratory within 90 days prior to occupancy each year. Contact the lab to get the most current sampling instructions. List of WA State Accredited Drinking Water Labs, Department of Ecology (PDF)

Submit copies of the testing results from the bacteriological and nitrate samples with your Temporary Worker Housing license application packet.