Health & Wellness


All Washingtonians have the opportunity to attain their full potential of physical, mental, and social health and well-being.


We will lead initiatives that support and promote upstream prevention efforts to advance optimal physical health, mental and behavioral health, spiritual health, resilience, and overall well-being where individuals, families, and communities can thrive. Our actions recognize that social, structural, and economic determinants of health must be addressed to achieve true health equity and optimal health for all.

Key Strategies

  1. Promote a broad range of initiatives that support pro-health and wellness behaviors and actions related to physical activity, nutritional health, mental and behavioral health, emotional and spiritual health, and comprehensive holistic health to advance both individual and community health across all of Washington.
  2. Support community rooted and informed initiatives that address conditions early, including for adverse childhood experiences, and throughout the life course, to improve health and well-being longer term.
  3. Advance a continuum of prevention and harm reduction strategies that address common risk and protective factors associated with injuries as well as use of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, opioids, and other substances and related behaviors.
  4. Engage partners and people with lived experience and embrace multi-sector strategies to address upstream factors that contribute to the impact on key health concerns such as chronic disease, addiction, injuries, and the like.
  5. Utilize morbidity and mortality data and strategies to inform action oriented prevention programs and policy recommendations that address disproportionality in health outcomes.
  6. Deploy proactive communication and health promotion strategies that promote mental and physical health wellness while countering stigma in seeking care.