Funding and Contracts

Local Health Jurisdictions

Historically, a combination of local, state, and federal resources has financed services provided by local health jurisdictions. These include:

  • Local funds: county general funds, licenses, permits, and fees for services
  • State funds: contracts for specific programs, flexible funds to meet local needs, and reimbursement for performing specific services (i.e., Medicaid reimbursement)
  • Federal funds: contracts for specific programs and reimbursement for performing specific services (most of this funding is passed through the state Department of Health)
  • Other funding—such as federal or private grants

The mix of these funds and the conditions attached to their use have changed over time.

Local Health Jurisdictions Funding Information Resources

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Homeland Security

  • Homeland Security Grant Program - The Homeland Security Grant Program funds can be used for preparedness planning, equipment acquisition, training exercises, management, and administration purposes. This web page provides an overview of the program.