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The WA-ASSESS email list provides an electronic forum to exchange ideas and information about community health assessment in Washington. Primarily, this list is intended for assessment coordinators and public health officials, but anyone can subscribe.

When you subscribe, your email address will be added to the WA-ASSESS list maintained by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) in GovDelivery. DOH uses the list to send your questions, announcements, ideas, and other information of interest to our state's public health assessment community. Your participation contributes to the richness and quality of the conversation.

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To send a message to everyone subscribed to the list, email cepea@doh.wa.gov. Include "WA-ASSESS" in the subject line along with the rest of your subject to help identify what should be posted through GovDelivery. Please include your contact information within your message so other subscribers can follow up with you directly about your post if necessary.