Psychologist - Rules in Progress

Rules in Progress

The rule-making process is open to the public. The public is welcome to take part in helping us write rules. Rules are also known as regulations, Washington Administrative Code, or WAC. The rule-making process includes public notices and workshops, and usually a public hearing before a rule becomes final.

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Current Rules in Progress

Second Substitute House Bill 1724 (SSHB 1724) – Increasing the Behavioral Health Workforce (2023) and Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 2247 (ESSHB 2247) – Addressing behavioral health provider shortages (2024)

Complete information on the implementation work of Second Substitute House Bill 1724 is on the Behavioral Health Legislative Implementation webpage.  

Section 6(a) of SSHB 1724 instructs the board to adopt emergency rules by July 1, 2024, to implement changes to licensing requirements to remove barriers to entering and remaining in the health care workforce and to streamline and shorten the credentialing process.

Emergency rules have been adopted and are posted here (PDF).

Section 6(b) of SSHB 1724 also instructs the board to adopt permanent rules for the same purpose by July 1, 2025. As a result, the board is looking for public feedback on areas that were identified through prior workshops that fall under the indicated purpose.

ESSHB 2247 creates a new psychological associate license and authorizes the board to adopt rules waiving any of the licensing requirements, as determined by the board, for an applicant who has continuously held a psychology license in good standing in another jurisdiction for a period of time that renders the waived licensing requirements duplicative or unnecessary.

The board hosted a series of workshops to ask for public feedback. Below you can view the information shared at the workshops:

Date and Time Topic Handouts
June 4, 2024, at noon Review draft supervised experience rules

Supervised Experience Draft Rules (clean copy) (PDF)

Supervised Experience Draft Rules (copy with edits) (PDF)

Rules Workshop Slide Deck #1 (PDF)

June 5, 2024, at 5 p.m. Review draft rules on education, examination retakes, residency, and endorsement

Education, Exam, Residency, and Endorsement Draft Rules (clean copy) (PDF)

Education, Exam, Residency, and Endorsement Draft Rules (copy with edits) (PDF)

Rules Workshop Slide Deck #2 (PDF)

June 6, 2024, at noon New psychological associate license and waiver for long-time practicing providers

Psychological Associate Draft Rules (PDF)

Rules Workshop Slide Deck #3 (PDF)

June 11, 2024, at noon COVID-19 Policy Statements on telepsychology and virtual supervision

Telepsychology Policy Statement (PDF)

Virtual Supervision Policy Statement  (PDF)

Rules Workshop Slide Deck #4 (PDF)

June 12, 2024, at noon National Examination and any other topics of interest Rules Workshop Slide Deck #5 (PDF)
June 13, 2024, at noon All topics previously discussed - recap Rules Workshop Slide Deck #6 (PDF)
June 18, 2024, at noon Canceled  
June 20, 2024, at noon Canceled  

The comment period for this series of workshops has ended. The board is in the process of reviewing public feedback received by July 1, 2024. If you have any further feedback to provide you can do so by either taking the surveys below or emailing our office with "Public Comment" in the subject line. Please note any comments received after July 1, 2024 will be reviewed for the next round of public feedback.


Survey #1 – Topics to include supervised experience.

Survey #2 – Topics to include education, residency, exam retakes, endorsement pathways, new psychological associate credential, and waiver for long-time practicing providers.

Survey #3 – Topics to include COVID-19 policy statements on telepsychology and virtual supervision.

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