Temporary Worker Housing Self-Survey

Self-survey Program

The Self Survey Program allows operators to inspect their own facilities. The self survey replaces the department's inspections for up to two consecutive years per WAC 246-358-027.

The Self Survey Program is available to operators under the regular temporary worker housing (TWH) license, and not to operators of cherry TWH. While participating in the self survey, the operator may conduct their own inspections for up to two years. The third year, the operator is inspected by the department. If the operator continues to qualify, they may continue to participate in the program.

To qualify for the program, the operator must:

  • For two consecutive years:
    • Submit a complete application on time that includes the licensing fees, camp management plan and proof of approved water system; and
    • Pass department inspections with no or only minor deficiencies noted by the department.
  • Send a request to the department to participate in the Self-survey program at Housing@doh.wa.gov or Department of Health, Temporary Worker Housing Program, P.O. Box 47824, Olympia, WA 98504-7824.