School Environmental Health and Safety Workshop

2023 Workshop

Agenda - November 7, 2023 (PDF)

Evaluation Form (PDF)

Speaker Biographies (PDF)


PFAS and Schools (PDF)

Cleaning and Disinfection for Schools (PDF)

Indoor Air Quality (PDF)

Post Pandemic Ventilation Guidance (PDF)

HVAC Upgrades, Travis Bown, Mead School District (PDF)

EPA Region 10 Updates (PDF)

EPA Region 10 Healthy Schools News (PDF)

OSPI 2024 Capital Budget Requests and Grants (PDF)

Children and Youth Activities Guide for Air Quality (PDF)

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (PDF)

Monitoring for Vaping (PDF)

Health Department School Inspections, TPCHD (PDF)

Indoor Air Quality Continuous Monitoring, PSWCT-UP (PDF)

2022 Workshop Materials

Agenda (PDF)

School Infections (PDF)

Safe and Healthy Schools (PDF)

Pests and IPM (PDF)

School Risk Management (PDF)

Hazardous Chemicals and CTE Safety (PDF)

Circle of Hazardous Chemical Management - PS WCT (PDF)

GHS Poster - PS WCT (PDF)

HazCom Requirements - PS WCT (PDF)

Speaker Bios (PDF)

Recorded Presentations

Introduction to Infectious Diseases in Schools - Marcia Goldoft, WA State DOH

Safe and Healthy Schools - Nancy P. Bernard & Becky Doe, WA State DOH

Pests and IPM - Liz Dykstra, PhD, BCE Public Health Entomologist

School Risk Management - Jeff Rogers, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Tacoma Public Schools

Hazardous Chemicals and Career Technical Education (CTE) Safety – Elizabeth Jakab, Environmental Health Consultant, PSWCT/UP and Sara Hatfield, CTE Director, South Kitsap SD

2021 Webinars

Video: Ventilation, Filtration, and School Indoor Air Quality

Presentation: Ventilation, Filtration, and School Indoor Air Quality (PDF)

Video: Best Practices for Cleaning and Disinfection for Schools

Presentation: Best Practices for Cleaning and Disinfection for Schools (PDF)

2019 Workshop Materials

Workshop Agenda (PDF)

Cleaning and Disinfection for Asthma Safe Schools Presentation (PDF)

Indoor Air Quality Presentation (PDF)

Wildfire Smoke Presentation (PDF)

Labor and Industries Environmental Health and Safety Presentation (PDF)

Labor and Industries Presenter Contact List (PDF)

Workshop Evaluation (Word)