Suicide Prevention Continuing Education - Veterinary Technician

There is a requirement to complete a one-time suicide prevention continuing education in accordance with RCW 18.92.280 (the law enacted by the legislature), WAC 246-933-435, and WAC 246-935-305 (the administrative rules adopted by the Veterinary Board of Governors).

The rules require veterinarians and veterinary technicians to take a one-time, three-hour training. The training program must include content that covers mental health and wellbeing; suicide risk, prevention, and resourcing; and imminent harm by lethal means. The three hours of training may count toward existing required continuing education hours.

The board has approved an online curriculum, Suicide Prevention for Veterinary Professionals, to meet this requirement and it is now available through the Forefront Suicide Prevention’s learning management system. Forefront is a center of excellence at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work. This is a free online course for veterinarians and veterinary technicians that can be completed at their convenience.

When is the education required? Renewal and continuing education periods are birthday-based, the first person required to complete the training is someone whose birthday is July 1, 2022. Their training would be due in that two-year CE cycle, so due by June 30, 2024. 

Be sure to print and save your completion certificate after completing the course for your records.

The course will be added to the Department of Health’s suicide prevention education training for health professionals model list soon.