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To address the epidemic of prescription drug overdose, abuse and misuse, the Washington State Department of Health (department) implemented several strategies, including pain management rules and a prescription monitoring program. We often hear from healthcare providers who have become aware of fraudulent prescriptions through forgery or theft of prescription pads. To try to address this, the Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission (commission) initiated a mechanism for reporting and collecting potential fraudulent prescription information.

The system allows healthcare providers who become aware of fraudulent prescriptions to complete this Web-based form with specific information regarding the prescription and submit it to the commission. The commission will share the information supplied on this form via GovDelivery, on its webpage, and through prescription monitoring system. We hope this tool will help to prevent additional fraudulent prescriptions from being filled.

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If you have any comments and suggestions regarding the RX Fraud Alert Report, send an email to Please report all suspicious activity via the Web-based form.