Medical Cannabis Endorsed Retail Store Information

Retail Store Information

Below you will find information relevant to the authorization process, medical cannabis authorization database and store administration processes.

Medical Cannabis Medically Endorsed Approved Stores

Authorization Form Requirements – effective July 1, 2018

All authorizations issued on or after July 1, 2018 are required to be completed by the healthcare practitioner on the one-page authorization form and printed on authorization tamper-resistant paper containing the RCW 69.51A.030 logo in the bottom right corner. Learn more on our Authorization Form webpage.

Medical Cannabis Authorization Database (MMJAS) Training and Support

Preferred browser: The system is optimized for use with Google Chrome and will run best in this browser. In addition, it's recommended that stores clear their internet browser history and completely shut down and restart their device (computer, laptop, pad, etc.) at least once a quarter.

MMJAS user technical support

If you're experiencing a technical issue with the database, call 360-236-4819 and select:

Option 1: For assistance getting setup in Secure Access Washington (SAW) or the database, getting reactivated, or if you have questions about consultant certification practice parameters or how to handle an authorization under special circumstances, etc.

Option 2: Please select this option if you're experiencing technical difficulties with creating a card relating to uploading, cropping, editing or printing a photo. This takes you directly to AIRLIFT support by cloudPWR.

Authorization Database Training Series

All store owners, staff and certified consultants are encouraged to review the training series below:

Module 1: How do I register for an account? (PDF)

Module 2: How do I create a recognition card? (PDF)

Module 3: How do I renew a patient or designated provider's recognition card? (PDF)

Module 4: How do I manage a store account? (PDF)

Module 5: How do I perform Quarterly Employee Confirmation process? (PDF)

Download the training in one complete document: Medically Endorsed Stores Database Training (PDF). Additional step-by-step instructions are online.

Medical cannabis authorization database (MMJAS) security

All MMJAS users should be aware of the database system security features below:

Secure Access Washington (SAW)

Secure Access Washington (SAW) acts as a security portal to access numerous restricted state systems throughout Washington. MMJAS users will always log in through their own SAW account to access the medical cannabis database, also known as Airlift. SAW will challenge you every time you log in from a different computer, laptop or pad; use a different IP address to login with – such as from a different store; or if you haven't logged in for a while. On most occasions, the system will ask you to provide a confirmation code by text, phone or email to gain access. To reduce being challenged, try to be as consistent as possible by following these three steps:

  • Log-in to the system every day that you work when you first get in
  • Use the same computer, laptop or I-pad for every transaction
  • Use the same IP address
MMJAS user account deactivation security feature

This internal system security measure of the database system requires users to login regularly to ensure they remain active. If the user doesn't logon to the system at least once every 30 days, the user account is automatically deactivated. Once deactivated, a user no longer has access to MMJAS and will need to contact the Medical Cannabis Program at 360-236-4819, option to reactivate their account.

Quarterly employee confirmation security feature

The Quarterly Employee Confirmation is a system security process that requires a store owner to confirm all employees linked to the store account are current. Each quarter, a system generated email notification is sent to the email associated with the business license instructing store owners to perform the task before the indicated due date. To perform this task, the owner will log into to their SAW user account, review and update any users listed under their "store management" account, then complete the process by clicking on the red "quarterly confirm employees" button for each store. Users will know this task is complete because the red "quarterly confirm employees" button disappears.

Remember: Owners, any staff assigned as a "delegate" to the store account can perform this task on your behalf by logging into their own user account and following the steps above. Keep in mind, delegates don't receive notice of this process. You'll need to let them know the task is due and to perform it on your behalf. The task only needs to be performed one time for each store.

Store administration

Consultant certification application and renewals

New applicants

Become a certified consultant: See the Medical Cannabis Consultant Certification Program webpage for requirements and application instructions.


If you're already a certified consultant, and it's time to renew, please remember the following:

Remember: Consultants with expired credentials, may not provide consulting services and are limited to using the database for card verification only. Once your status has changed to "Active," you may begin providing consulting services and creating and issuing recognition cards.

$1 recognition card fee

The medical cannabis authorization database tracks all card creation activities related to initial cards issued, renewals and corrections associated with each store license. At the end of each quarter, the department will generate and mail an invoice to collect the required $1 fee. For guidance on how to collect this fee from patients and required recordkeeping, please refer to the Department of Revenue guidance (PDF). If you haven't received an invoice from the Department of Health, or have questions about an invoice received, or simply need to update the mailing address, please call 360-236-4819, option 1, or email us.

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