Western Pacific Injury Prevention Network

The Western Pacific Injury Prevention Network was established to provide structured assistance to states within designated regions to:

  • increase state injury and violence prevention capacity across the network to prevent and reduce injury and violence
  • share best practices
  • connect members to collaborators and resources

The mission is to implement effective injury and violence prevention strategies and policy for injury and violence prevention across the network.

Membership includes representatives from states & territories in HHS Regions 9 & 10 and includes both state, local, and national public health agencies, research centers, and technical assistance organizations.

Collaborative Learning Opportunities

Peer Learning Teams and Workgroups provide opportunities for collaboration across multiple systems to address upstream factors for injury prevention.


The administration of the network is transferring to Safe States Alliance in October 2021. If you are interested in joining the network or engaging in any of the workgroup topics please contact Shelli Stephens-Stidham with Safe States Alliance at shelli.stephens-stidham@safestates.org.