Injury and Violence Prevention Data

Data Requests and Analysis

Online data tables

More than 200 injury data tables are available on our website in PDF and Excel formats. The tables cover injury deaths and nonfatal injury hospitalizations. This data is broken down by geographic location (county or EMS region), year, cause and age group.

Specialized data requests

If the Injury and Violence Prevention Program's online injury data tables don't provide you with the data you need, email or call 360-236-2825 for inquiry. You may need to fill out this form to request injury data.

Injury data analysis

The Injury and Violence Prevention Program has developed a series of reports on high priority injury issues in Washington. These reports are on our publications webpage.

Washington Tracking Network


The Washington Tracking Network (WTN) gathers and analyzes data about environmental health hazards, exposure to hazards and health outcomes (including injury-specific outcomes) You may search WTN data to:

  • View environmental and public health data by county, topic and year.
  • Create maps, charts and tables.
  • Export data to create your own charts, graphs and tables.

Search injury outcomes from this WTN webpage. Choose "Search Data" in the upper right of the page to search injury data.


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