Public Health Issue Management System (PHIMS)

What is PHIMS?

The Public Health Issue Management System (PHIMS) is Washington State's standardized internet reporting system for notifiable conditions data.

Department of Health and local public health agencies work together in Washington State to collect information and conduct investigations into the causes, spread and containment of certain chronic and contagious diseases.

Notifiable Conditions

Notifiable Conditions are diseases that must be reported to public health authorities by health care providers, health care facilities, laboratories, veterinarians, food service establishments, child day-care facilities, and schools.

PHIMS provides local public health agencies a way to collect, manage and report Notifiable Conditions, disease outbreaks and disease investigations.


PHIMS reporting takes place over the Internet, providing easy access to the reporting system. PHIMS standardizes the way the information is collected and reported. This assures that each report will contain the same pieces of information in the same order.


PHIMS is protected by the strictest level of security, which assures the security and confidentiality of its information. Each user obtains a Secure Access Washington account, with a unique user ID and password, in order to access PHIMS. Each user is assigned different access to PHIMS based on disease investigation roles.

Users create reports in a timely manner because PHIMS is available from any computer. The standardized data makes the information more reliable and of higher quality.

The collective PHIMS database is a valuable tool for public health users as they conduct disease research and surveillance.

Access to PHIMS

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PHIMS 3.0 LHJ Training Presentation (PDF)