Patient Eligibility

The Washington State Adult Vaccine Program (AVP) provides vaccine to participating provider locations for uninsured adults 19 years of age and older.  The HHS Bridge Access program which is administered through the AVP program provides COVID-19 vaccine for adults 19 years and older and can be administered to both un/under-insured patients.  Underinsured is defined as individuals without cost-free coverage for COVID-19 vaccines. 

AVP Vaccines Uninsured Underinsured*
Routine Adult Vaccines    
Bridge Access COVID-19 Vaccines    

*Underinsured includes individuals without cost-free coverage for COVID-19 vaccines

Eligibility Screening and Documentation

All providers participating in the Adult Vaccine Program are required to confirm the patient’s age and to screen and document each patient’s eligibility status. Status screening consists of asking and documenting the adult’s eligibility status at every immunization visit prior to vaccine administration. 

Screening and documentation may be completed by:

Eligibility Descriptions, IIS Codes and Billing

For a full description of eligibility categories, IIS codes and billing refer to the Eligibility for Publicly Funded Vaccines – A Guide for Providers (PDF)