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Please be advised that the Washington State Department of Health requires that only the applicant or licensee may complete an attestation for an application, or for continuing education. This is a legal attestation. Completion of the attestation by anyone other than the applicant may constitute a reportable felony offense. The Department of Health can take action against people for perjury or for making a false statement they know to be false.

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Note: System maintenance is periodically performed on Thursdays from 5:45 p.m. to midnight. If the system is unavailable, please check back later.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will people in my profession be able to apply online?

Over the next year, we'll make more professions available for online application. Check your profession's main webpage for online application information.

What types of payments are accepted online?

The online service accepts VISA, MasterCard and ACH (electronic check) payments. Payment must be made with U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. financial institution. In order for the system to work, make sure your address on the payment information screen matches the address your financial institution has on file for you.

Will I receive a receipt for my payment?

Yes, you'll be able to print a receipt once your payment has been approved. Please print it for your records. The convenience fee will not be included on your receipt.

How do I know you received my application?

Once you've completed the online application process, you'll find your new credential number listed on our Provider Credential Search. Include your credential number every time you contact Department of Health or submit paperwork. You'll also receive a confirmation email with important information from agency staff.

How do I check the status of my application?

You may check Provider Credential Search for the status. While your application is being processed, and/or we're awaiting additional information, the status shows as "Pending." Once the credential is issued the status will change to "Active." You'll be notified by email of additional documentation you must provide. If you have any questions, contact our customer service staff at 360-236-4700.

Will I receive a paper credential?

Once your application is approved, you'll receive your credential document by U.S. mail. This usually occurs seven to 10 days after your credential shows as "Active" on Provider Credential Search.

Are there browser requirements to use the online services?

Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 or 9 have consistently worked well. If you use Internet Explorer 10, you may need to enable compatibility mode. Internet Explorer 11 is not supported at this time.

If you use Chrome 17; Firefox 7, 8, 9 or 10; or Safari 5.1.2, you may need to disable TLS (Transport Layer Security). If you do this, remember to enable it once you've received your payment receipt page.

Why am I required to create a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account?

The Department of Health's Online Services can only be accessed through the SAW Web portal. We've placed Online Services in this portal to shield the application and the information it collects against harmful Internet activity. Before you can access the portal, you must create a user ID and password. Online Services is for Department of Health online renewals and online applications.

What if I already have a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account?

Then simply log into your SAW account. If you haven't already added the "DOH HSQA Online Services" to your SAW account, type 7472 in the service code box on the right side and select "Apply." This will direct you to the department's welcome page and instructions.

Whom shall I contact if I am having problems setting up my Secure Access Washington (SAW) account?

You may contact the SAW support center at 888-241-7597 or 360-753-2454, or email

Whom shall I contact if something happens during my online application?

Contact our Customer Service Office if you experience any problems, or would like to provide us with feedback about the process. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.

How may I be assured my personal information will be safe while using your online application site?

Please review the Secure Access Washington Privacy Notice.

May I reapply online if my credential has expired?

No. Our online services are currently set up for active credential holders. If you have questions about the status of your Department of Health credential, contact our Customer Service staff at 360-236-4700.

Why is there a convenience fee?

While the online service is more convenient for our customers, it doesn't reduce agency costs. Convenience fees help offset the cost of providing online services.

Helpful Online Application Tips
  • Once you start the payment process, YOUR TRANSACTION IS NOT COMPLETE until you actually receive the payment receipt. This receipt must say "Approved" to finish the process. If you see any other message, your application may not be properly submitted. Contact our Customer Service Office at 360-236-4700 for assistance.

  • All fees are non-refundable.