Adult Family Homes

How to protect residents in Adult Family Homes

Visiting someone in an Adult Family Home (AFH) is important for both the resident and the visitor. However, it also poses a risk of bringing illness into the home, infecting residents and staff.

Training resources

Protecting Residents from Influenza in Your Adult Family Home

October 5, 2022, A panel of experts from the Department of Health, Public Health-Seattle & King County and DSHS hosted a live webinar to provide information and education about preventing flu outbreaks in adult family homes, and steps to take in case there is one.

View a recording of the live webinar

Toolkit for Preventing Flu in Adult Family Homes (PDF)

Guidance Materials

AFHs can utilize the following guidance materials to help families and friends of residents become partners in infection prevention by empowering visitors with knowledge and tools to keep everyone safe.

COVID-19 Announcement for Visitors

Cover Your Cough


Quarantine Sign

PPE for Visitors

COVID - 19 Fact Sheet

Hand Washing

Hand Sanitizer