Source Water

Source Water Protection—Introduction to Washington's Source Water Protection Program, history and background; DOH requirements for Group A water systems, source water protection success stories, and more.

GIS Mapping Tool—Wellhead and Watershed protection areas presented in this interactive graphical tool. This tool can be used by utilities, permitting agencies, consultants and the public to evaluate pollution risks and improve source water protection.

Source Water Protection Local Assistance Grant Program—Funding for these grants is available.

Watershed Protection—for surface water systems. Summary of multiple watershed protection workshops with presentations, tools, maps, and more.

Groundwater Sources Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water (GWI)—"Under the direct influence of surface water" means the groundwater source is located close enough to nearby surface water, such as a river or lake, to receive direct surface water recharge. Page includes background of Federal law, definitions, and more.

Surface Water FAQ—What is the best source of water for a public drinking water system? Where can I get help to upgrade my system? More....

Performance of Rapid Rate Filtration Plants—The performance of rapid rate filters for turbidity (particle) removal is a key element in protecting consumers from microbial contaminants and maximizing public health. Includes information on the Treatment Optimization Program (TOP).

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Projects and Drinking Water Wells 331-719 (PDF). Explains the objectives of ASR and MAR processes to replenish ground water, their differences and uses.