Drinking Water Regulation and Compliance

Use links below for more information:

Preparing Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs): Information to help you prepare a Consumer Confidence Report, including regulations, FAQs, required forms, and more.

Enforcement: Information about the Office of Drinking Water's efforts to ensure water systems comply with state and federal drinking water regulations. Includes information about the Operating Permit Program.

Office of Drinking Water Policies: Information about how we implement a law or rule. Each policy includes our practice or procedure. The statements made in these documents reflect our interpretations of rule and law and approaches to implementation. Water system requirements are not in our policies. These requirements are found in rule and law. Includes list of rescinded policies. 

Operating Permits: Information for water systems and local decision makers regarding the drinking water operating permit requirement.

Rulemaking/Rules: Information about Office of Drinking Water rulemaking, including public workshops, hearings, contact information and links to Office of Drinking Water rules on the Code Reviser's website.

Sanitary Surveys: How to prepare for your water system's routine sanitary survey. Includes contact information.

Waterworks operator certification: Publications and forms for Waterworks Operator exams and certification, including contacts and other important links.