Radiological Emergency Preparedness

The Department of Health is prepared to respond to radiological emergencies anywhere in the state.

We manage emergency response plans and procedures, train emergency responders, and lead and evaluate exercises to make sure our state is ready for radiological and nuclear events.

During an actual emergency, most of the staff – about 60 people – in the Office of Radiation Protection mobilize to respond. The state activates the Emergency Operations Center at Camp Murray, and the Department of Health puts an incident command in place to be able to respond quickly statewide.

Our role in any radiological emergency is to keep our citizens safe from the harmful effects of radiation.

Radiation Emergencies

If there is a radiation or nuclear emergency, local and regional emergency management agencies contact people who may be affected.

Many counties in Washington have an electronic alert system that sends email and phone alerts to people who sign up for them. To find out how to do that, visit our Local Health Departments webpage.

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