Food Worker and Industry Resources

Food Worker Card

Food Worker Card - Questions and answers such as how and where to get your food worker card.

Additional Food Safety Training for Food Workers - How to get a renewed food worker card that is valid for 5 years.

Contact Your Local Health Department, Food Safety Program - Find food safety training classes offered in your area so you can get your food worker card.

Food Worker Manual

Washington State Food and Beverage Workers' Manual - Use this as your guide to help you prepare for the food safety training class and exam to obtain your food worker card.

Food Service Rules

Food Service Rules - Food safety code and regulations for food served or sold to the public in Washington State.


Charity Food Donation Guidelines

Donation Guide for Business (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Donation Guide for Home Kitchen (PDF)

Donation Guide for Share Pantry (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Donation Guidelines for School Food

Emergency Water Supply Guidelines for Food Establishments

Power Outage Guidelines for Food Establishments

Reducing Consumables in Food Establishments (PDF)

Restoring Service After Extended Water Interruption Guidelines for Food Establishments (PDF)

Foodborne Illnesses

Foodborne Illnesses

Hepatitis A Information for Food Establishments

Food Safety Advisory Council

Food Safety Advisory Council - Partnership among industry, government, academia, and the consumer to promote food safety through improving consistency in the interpretation of the food service rules statewide.

Signs for Food Establishments

Download these for printing or check with your local health department for other educational materials.

Hand Washing Signs - General hand washing signs for customers and required hand washing signs for food employees.

Allergen Awareness for Food Workers (PDF)

Food Allergy Sign 5x3 (PDF) | Food Allergy Sign 5x7 (PDF) | Food Allergy Sign 8.5x11 (PDF)

Dogs Welcome Indoors (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Dogs Welcome Outdoors (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

Do Not Use This Sink (PDF) - English/Spanish flyer.

Keep It Healthy (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Chinese (PDF) | Korean (PDF) - Germs are easy to spread. Sick food workers may not work with food or food-contact surfaces.

Keep It Untouched (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Chinese (PDF) | Korean (PDF) - Bare hands may have germs that can spread to food. Ready-to-eat foods may not be handled with bare hands.

Keep It Separate (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Chinese (PDF) | Korean (PDF) - Cross contamination is the spread of bacteria from raw meat to other foods.

Keep It Hot (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Chinese (PDF) | Korean (PDF) - The food in this unit must be kept at or above 135 degrees F.

Keep It Cold (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Chinese (PDF) | Korean (PDF) - The food in this unit must be kept at or below 41 degrees F.

Keep It Hot or Cold (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Chinese (PDF) | Korean (PDF) - Bacteria may grow in potentially hazardous foods. Keep foods out of the Danger Zone (41 degrees F - 135 degrees F) for safety.

Cool It Quickly (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Chinese (PDF) | Korean (PDF) - Cooling hot foods rapidly is important to prevent illness-causing bacteria from growing in food.

Keep Your Hands Off My Food! (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) | Chinese (PDF) | Korean (PDF) - No bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods.

Educational Materials for Retail Food Employees, FDA - Numerous food safety publications available in multiple languages for food workers.


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