Additional Food Safety Training for Food Workers

Normally, Washington State food worker cards that are renewed are valid for 3 years from the date of issuance. However, a food worker may be granted a renewal card valid for 5 years, if the food worker documents that they have attended "additional food safety training" within the past 2 years. See Food Worker Card Regulations, Chapter 246-217 WAC for more details.

"Additional food safety training" is the completion of any approved*, comprehensive food safety training that lasted at least 4 hours. Training must include topics such as proper cooking, hot-holding, cold-holding, cooling of potentially hazardous foods, cross-contamination prevention, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), and proper hand washing techniques.

*An unapproved course can't be used to get an extended 5-year food worker card. You must be able to prove completion of an approved course to receive a 5-year card.

Even with this additional training, a food worker must also successfully complete the required food worker card training and exam to renew the card. "Additional food safety training" doesn't replace the required Washington State food safety training class or exam.

The online food worker training and testing program that some counties offer may only be able to issue a 2-year card. Check with your local health department to see if you can get a 3 or 5-year card using the online program.

List of State Approved "Additional Food Safety Training"

Certified Food Protection Manager

Washington State Local Health Departments

College or University Courses

  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Food Safety Service and Sanitation (BAKE 111) 
  • Seattle Central Community College, Culinary Arts, Principles of Sanitation Class (HOS110)
  • University of Washington, E&OHS, Food Protection (ENV H 441)

Workplace Training Programs

Private Associations and Organizations

Course Providers

How to Obtain Approval of an "Additional Food Safety Training" Course

To obtain approval for a particular class, the training provider must contact the local health department in the county in which the "additional food safety training" course will be offered. The course must meet the criteria set by that local health department, and their approval must be received before students use the course to qualify for the extended 5-year food worker card.

The "additional food safety training" course can be offered in more than one county. Each county must, however, approve the course or approval may be requested from the Washington State Department of Health. To obtain Washington State Department of Health approval to be included on the current list of state approved “additional food safety training,” send a request for approval and the course outline to: or Washington State Department of Health, Food Safety Program, P.O. Box 47824, Olympia, WA 98504-7824.

For more information call 360-236-3330.


Content Source: Food Safety Program