Food Safety Advisory Council

The Washington State Retail Food Safety Advisory Council (FSAC or Council) works in partnership with the Washington State Department of Health to provide guidance for the consistent education, application, and implementation of food safety requirements to regulatory, industry, and other partners.


The mission of the Retail Food Safety Advisory Council is to foster public-private sector communication and cooperation and to promote food safety through the consistent implementation and evidence-based application of the Washington State Retail Food Code.


The Council reviews submitted issues concerning inconsistent practice and evaluates technical interpretations to promote food safety through evidence-based application of the state's retail food code. The Council also reviews application of food safety laws and rules, emerging food safety issues, and novel practices within Washington retail food facilities to provide suggested comments to DOH for rule modification proposals to the state board of health.

The scope of the Council includes:

Council Structure and Representation

The structure of the FSAC reflects diverse stakeholders within retail food service. While stakeholder alternates are encouraged to participate, each stakeholder group has the following voting members:

Local Health Jurisdictions – 4 (2 eastside / 2 westside)

David Kavanagh, Klickitat County Public Health, 509-493-6211

Steve Main, Spokane Regional Health District, 509-324-1594

Jessica Pankey, Clallam County Health Department, 360-417-2418

Jessica Gehle, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, 253-798-4444

Timm Taff, Alternate, Adams County Public Health, 509-488-2031

Lisa Breen, Alternate, Spokane Regional Health District, 509-324-1585

Kristina Hollatz, Alternate, Grays Harbor County Health Department, 360-964-1673

Food and Drug Administration – 1

David Engelskirchen, Food and Drug Administration, 206-452-9762

Restaurant – 1

Samantha Louderback, WA Hospitality Association, 360-789-7477

Grocery – 1

Michael Latham, WA Food Industry Association, 206-423-4076

Schools/Institutions – 1

Donna Parsons, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, 360-725-6210

Mobile Food Unit – 1

Lori Johnson, WA State Food Truck Association, 360-223-3801

Farmers' Market/Local Food/Temporary Food – 1

Colleen Donovan, Washington State Farmers Market Association, 206-706-5198

Tribe – 1

Karin Knopp, Tribal Contractor

Consumer/Academia – 2

Stephanie Smith, Washington State University, 509-335-0972

Sarah Shacht, Consumer

State Facilities (DOH) – 1

Susan Shelton, Washington State Department of Health, 509-212-1206


Meetings shall be held at least semiannually unless there is insufficient business to conduct a meeting. A written summary of all meetings and actions will be posted online.

September 25, 2019

Issue Submission

More Information

Retail Food Safety Advisory Council Purpose and Procedures (PDF)

Contact the Retail Food Safety Advisory Council Coordinator at 360-236-3330.