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Contract Operators

Contract operators are certified operators in responsible charge of three or more public water systems (WAC 246-292-055). We maintain a Contract Operator Public List (PDF) alphabetized by county.

If you are an active Contract Operator in good standing and want your name on the Contract Operator Public List, please fill out and return the Contract Operator Public List Form 331-439 (Word).

Cross-Connection Control Specialists

A Cross-Connection Control Specialist is an individual certified in Washington State to develop, implement, and maintain a cross-connection control program. (WAC 246-292-033). We maintain a list of Contract Cross-Connection Control Specialists.

If you are an active CCS in good standing and want your name on the CCS Public List, please fill out and return the Cross-Connection Control Specialist Public List Application Form 331-476 (Word).

U.S. Veterans

Veterans are an excellent option for your workforce needs. We work with veterans to help translate their military water system skills into experience for Waterworks operator certification exams. Career Opportunities for Veterans in the Water Sector 331-471 (PDF).

Temporary Certification

A “temporary certification” helps water systems remain in compliance with certified operator requirements while the candidate is gaining the experience necessary to take a certification exam. Temporary certifications are limited in duration and only used when a water system's required certified operator position is vacant.

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