Temporary Worker Housing Permitted Land Use

Permitted Land Use

The legislature made it a permitted use to develop migrant farmworker housing in certain areas, Chapter 70.114A.050 RCW - Housing on rural worksites. This permitted land use for migrant farmworker housing overrides local zoning regulations except for the building height and setback, and road access requirements of the local zone.

Permitable areas for development of migrant farmworker housing is established in Chapter 70.114A.050 RCW. The statute reads: “Temporary worker housing located on a rural worksite, and used for workers employed on the worksite, shall be considered a permitted use at the rural worksite for the purposes of zoning or other land use review processes, subject only to height, setback, and road access requirements of the underlying zone.”

Contact us for assistance with interpretation of this RCW; be sure to ask for a migrant farmworker housing consultant.