Application Status

Work starts on all applications – including processing the payment and scanning the submitted documents – within a few days of receipt. We make no guarantee of a license, certification or registration. Please remember, Washington State law requires us to follow all aspects of the credentialing process.

This page is currently undergoing improvements. 

Department of Health, Health Systems Quality Assurance is currently engaged in a Credentialing Improvement Project. As part of the efforts to improve the processes of health care licensing, we are redesigning the tools used to communicate to our applicants and other interested parties. This webpage is a key location for information about credentialing timelines and expectations, along with our Provider Credential Search tool. Recently, due to staffing and process change, as well as significant application backlogs in certain professions, this webpage has shared information that is often outdated or not representative of the total status of applications. 

Our team is in the process of redesigning this page to include more detailed data, displaying processing dates for specific professions or professions groups. We will provide regular status updates on this page. 

If you have questions about the status of your application, please call our call center at 360-236-4700.

We'll let you know if there is missing or incomplete information. Please check your email (regular and spam email) for information from a Department of Health staff member. If we don't have an email address for you, we'll mail you a letter.

The quickest way to check the status of your application at any time is to visit the Provider Credential Search site.

A "pending" status means the review process is underway. We quickly update this status information from our licensing system, and it's a primary source for verifying your credentials.

Call center staff members cannot speed up the process of your application or make final decisions related to your application.

Remember: You may not work until we issue your credential for some credential types. See the home page of the credential type for which you're applying to view your specific credentialing requirements.

If you need to update any of your contact information after submitting your application, complete the Contact Information Change form.

Processing time information

Processing time varies for each application. It depends on how complete the application is, and how quickly the outstanding requirements are met. This could range from a few days to a few weeks, depending upon many factors such as the type of application, and whether it requires board or commission approval. Additional delays may be caused by:

  • An incomplete application
  • You submitted:
    • Incorrect or no application fee(s) as required
    • Outdated application forms
    • Electronically altered application forms.
  • Or, in some cases, we need additional documents such as:
    • Certified transcripts
    • Other education documents
    • Exam results
    • Certified court documents.

We'll notify you if the application is missing information or needs additional documentation. If you have questions on how to resolve missing information, documentation or other actions, contact the credentialing specialist listed on the notice.

Our review includes a thorough evaluation of basic healthcare credentials, employment or work history and any criminal or disciplinary history. In addition, out-of-state applicants must complete a fingerprint background check. This also increases processing time.

Note: Facilities and organizations may take longer to process due to scheduling and conducting of an inspection, and waiting for inspection results.

Please keep checking Provider Credential Search for a status change. This is the quickest and best approach to verifying your license status. Once your status has changed to "Active," you may begin working. You should receive your official document in the mail within seven to 10 business days after your credential is issued.

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