Fingerprint Background Check Information

Fingerprint background checks required for some applicants

Washington State Department of Health conducts background checks on applicants from out-of-state and some with a criminal history in Washington. Out-of-state applicants were chosen because they're unlikely to have criminal history information in the database maintained by the Washington State Patrol. The department already uses this database to issue licenses for applicants who live in the state.

Applicants must pay $34.25 to have the fingerprints checked against the federal database. Applicants must also arrange for and pay the cost of taking the fingerprints. Fingerprints must be taken on the fingerprint card provided by the department. Fingerprint services may be obtained at local law enforcement offices.

The department will notify applicants who need to undergo this background check. For these applicants, failure to submit fingerprints will delay processing of their applications. Most applicants for health profession licenses will not undergo this criminal background check.

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