Who Can Order X-rays in Washington State?

Health professionals who can order X-rays RCWs/WACs giving authority to order X-rays
Allopathic physicians and surgeons RCW 18.71.011(1)
Allopathic physicians assistants RCW 18.71A.010(1)
Chiropractors RCW 18.25.005(3)
WAC 246-808-535(1)
Dentists RCW 18.32.020
Naturopathic physicians RCW 18.36A.020(2)
Nurse practitioners, advanced registered WAC 246-840-300(5)(c)
Optometrist physicians RCW 18.53.010(1)
Osteopathic physicians and surgeons RCW 18.57.001(4)
Osteopathic physician assistants RCW 18.57A.030
WAC 246-854-035
Podiatric physician and surgeons RCW 18.22.035(2)
Veterinarians RCW 18.92.010