Suicide Prevention CE

Many of you know about the requirement to complete suicide prevention continuing education in accordance with RCW 18.92.280 (the law enacted by the legislature), WAC 246-933-435, and WAC 246-935-305 (the administrative rules adopted by the Veterinary Board of Governors).

Update: The legislature directed the board to develop training by June 30, 2022, specific for the veterinary profession. There have been multiple delays in the project and the final training module is now in development. Our current estimate is that the training will be published in an online format by June 2023.

Worried you won't have time to complete the training? A confusing part about the law relates to when the training is due. The law states that "training must be completed during the first full continuing education reporting period after July 1, 2022." Because renewal and continuing education periods are birthday-based, the first person required to complete the training is someone whose birthday is July 1, 2022. Their training would be due in that two-year CE cycle, so due by June 30, 2024. With the current projected timeline, the first veterinarians or technicians due to complete the CE would still have at least a year to complete it.

Updates will be posted to this webpage when the training is available to take.