Daybreak Youth Services

Update: Daybreak Youth Services’ licenses have been summarily suspended, and the suspensions will be effective Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at 12:01 a.m. By law Apple Health cannot pay for services at an unlicensed facility and an unlicensed facility cannot bill for services.

Daybreak Youth Services License Suspensions

The content on this page relates to the recent license suspensions for the Daybreak Youth Services locations in Spokane and Brush Prairie. Media inquiries about this topic should be sent to

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What is the Department’s relationship with healthcare facilities?

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) creates rules (Washington Administrative Code-WAC) based on laws passed by the legislature. These rules are intended to protect and enhance patient safety in healthcare facilities. When the department believes a facility has violated these rules, it investigates. If it finds a facility has not followed licensing requirements this is called “noncompliance”.

What is an enforcement action?

Enforcement is a series actions taken to correct noncompliance. Enforcement happens after the department has investigated and documented evidence that a health care facility has not met the licensing requirements. This is a health and safety risk to people receiving care. Steps may include requiring the facility to develop a plan to correct noncompliance or directing the facility to do certain things. It may also include enforcement actions such as issuing fines, suspending a license, or revoking a license resulting in closure of a facility. The Department considers many things when deciding the type of enforcement action to take, such as the level risk to patients, and the facility’s willingness or ability to follow the licensing requirements. 

Why does enforcement happen?

The department uses enforcement actions to remove or minimize the risk of harm to patients, residents or staff. This happens by a facility correcting noncompliant issues, or, by a facility halting those services so that the risk to people is removed.  

How do enforcement actions impact people receiving services?

Most often facilities are able to comply with an enforcement action by following the licensing rules with no impact on the people receiving services. When a facility is unwilling or unable to correct the risk to patients, the department may pursue an action, such as suspending or revoking a license, that does impact people receiving services. In these cases, the department works with other state agencies, licensed facilities, and partners to implement a plan to assist people in receiving services at another facility.

What enforcement action has been taken against Daybreak Youth Services?

Daybreak Youth Services has been found to be noncompliant with licensing requirements resulting in a potential health and safety risk to the youth being cared for. The department intends to revoke or suspend the facility’s license until the facility is able to comply with the licensing requirements.

Information for Parents or Legal Guardians of Youth Currently at Daybreak Youth Services

The department has given Daybreak Youth Services a short amount of time to find new placement for the youth or to discharge the youth if appropriate. Daybreak is responsible for the relocation of the youth and for communicating critical information to parents or guardians.

Parents or legal guardians should contact their insurance providers and Daybreak Youth Services to begin exploring options for receiving services at another facility. DOH will provide information to Daybreak if it is needed to assist with the placement efforts.

Additional information for parents or guardians of youth at Daybreak: 360-236-4700.