Coordinated Quality Improvement


The purpose of the coordinated quality improvement program is to improve the quality of health care services by identifying and preventing health care malpractice under RCW 43.70.510. RCW 43.70.510 establishes the criteria and approval process for health care entities who apply for a department of health approved coordinated quality improvement program plan. Coordinated quality improvement program plans approved by the department are provided discovery limitations under RCW 43.70.510 (3) and (4). Information and documents specifically created for, collected, and maintained by an approved quality improvement committee are also exempt from disclosure under RCW 42.56.360 (1) (c).

This chapter does not apply to hospital quality improvement programs required by RCW 70.41.200.

Technical Assistance

If you need assistance when writing your coordinated quality improvement plan please contact our office. We are here to answer your questions and can provide you a copy of the minimum requirements needed in a department approved plan. We use the anytown clinic document (PDF), a template that includes the minimum requirements that need to be stated in the plan. Of course, the more detailed the plan, the better for our reviewers.

Department Approved Plans

The department provides a list of all approved plans. The list is in alphabetical order by health care entity name. When the department receives your CQIP plan it is routed first to our Revenue department for fee processing and then sent to our program. Then we review the plan. During that time the reviewer may contact the health care entity contact to request further information if plan requirements are unclear.

List of Approved Coordinated Quality Improvement Plans

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