Patient Care Resources

This page provides links to resources and information on patient care topics including:

  • Guidelines and resources for providers.
  • Safety issues including hospital acquired infections.
  • Early screening information.

Adverse Events

Adverse events are medical errors healthcare facilities could and should have avoided. Washington State law requires healthcare facilities to report to the Department of Health whenever they confirm an adverse event (Chapter 70.56 RCW). Facilities required to report are:

  • Hospitals.
  • Psychiatric hospitals.
  • Child birthing centers.
  • Department of Corrections medical facilities.
  • Ambulatory surgical facilities.

Diabetes Prevention and Management

Diabetes management and education, including electronic patient registry, self- management workshop, diabetes education and health home learning and quality improvement process for medical offices.

Early Hearing Detection and Support

The EHDDI program helps hospitals and clinics by providing tracking and surveillance of infants that need follow-up and by making recommendations to health care providers based on best practices.

Family Planning

Information on the department's Family Planning Program, program to provide abortion coverage for certain Providence Health Plan members, and hospital reproductive health policies and reproductive health services provided forms.


General flu information with access to clinical diagnostic test recommendations, surveillance date, and notifiable conditions.

Genetic Services

Chart showing rules and regulations relating to genetic services and screening for hearing loss, as well as other resources.

Healthcare Associated Infections

Information on the risks and best practices to look for in a healthcare setting for several types of infections. You can also see infection rates for central line and surgical site infections.

HIV Client Services

Find information on resources and compliance for providers contracted with the Early Intervention. Find help with understanding your contract, billing expectations and payment details. Also, find medical HIV Case Management information and support. Learn about applications and eligibility for the HIV Client Services program.

Newborn Screening

Information on screening, laboratory testing, and training for parents and healthcare partners. Also, information on the specialized metabolic treatment products (i.e., PKU formula) that are central to preventing profound damage due to the condition.

Oral Health

Information on topics like licensing boards, professional recruitment, financial incentives, dental hygiene or assisting programs.

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Information on topics including clinical guidelines, Expedited Partner Therapy, fact sheets, laws and recommendations.

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