Antimicrobial Stewardship Honor Roll

The Washington State Department of Health honors and commends facilities that are working to improve antibiotic use, reduce antibiotic resistance, and improve patient outcomes by establishing an antibiotic stewardship program that meets CDC's core elements of antibiotic stewardship.

Current Honor Roll Members


Long-Term Care Facilities

How to apply

Use the button below to access application form and instructions.

Application Form

If your facility meets the criteria for an antibiotic stewardship program, the department will give your facility a certificate. We will list your facility and key staff on our Antimicrobial Stewardship Honor Roll webpage. We review the applications on a quarterly basis. Please use the below link to access the application.

If you have an questions please contact us at

Program benefits

Facilities listed on the honor roll implemented an antimicrobial stewardship program that aligns with CDC's core elements of antibiotic stewardship:

  1. Leadership commitment: Dedicate necessary human, financial, and informatics resources.
  2. Accountability: Appoint a single leader responsible for program outcomes.
  3. Drug expertise: Appoint a single pharmacist leader to support improved prescribing.
  4. Action: Take at least one prescribing improvement action.
  5. Track: Monitor prescribing and antibiotic resistance patterns.
  6. Report: Regularly report to staff prescribing and resistance patterns and identify steps to improve appropriate prescribing.
  7. Educate: Offer education about antibiotic resistance and optimal prescribing practices.

CDC based recommendations on a growing body of evidence showing antimicrobial stewardship programs help:

  • optimize treatment of infections
  • reduce adverse events attributed to antibiotic use
  • reduce hospital rates of Clostridium difficile infections
  • prevent emergence of resistance
  • lead to better outcomes for residents in long-term care