State Health Improvement Plan

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What is a State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP)?

The SHIP is a long-term, systematic plan to address issues facing the state. The SHIP's purpose is to describe how the statewide community and the health department that serves it will work together with many partners to improve the population's health. Communities, stakeholders, and partners can use the SHIP to set priorities, direct resource use, and develop projects, programs, and policies.

Current SHIP

The current SHIP connects Washington's health-related plans, from local to statewide efforts. It is a systematic statewide plan to improve the health of everyone in Washington. Health equity and reducing equity gaps are key to the plan. The State Health Improvement Plan focuses on what we know influences health, reaching beyond the traditional medical care and public health systems. This is only possible with a wide variety of partners so we can address the many determinants of health.


A diverse coalition of partners, convened by the Washington State Department of Health, is steering creation of a new SHIP. It will be finalized in early 2020 and implemented through 2024.