Harmful Algal Blooms Toolkit

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For general inquiries, technical assistance, or to report a bloom or illness, email us.  

Primary contact for freshwater HABs. Tracks environmental data/trends, provides technical assistance and collaboration with local health and other state agencies.

Cecilia Welch, Climate & Water Epidemiologist, 564-669-8851

Recreational water advisories affected by freshwater HABs and cyanotoxins. Follow state recreational guidance values for cyanotoxins.

Alyssa Payne, Water Recreation Public Health Advisor, 564-999-3225

Nichole Russell, Water Recreation Program Specialist, 360-236-3309

Human or animal illnesses and deaths associated with cyanotoxins. Conducts follow-up investigations with local health for CDC’s One Health Harmful Algal Blooms (OHHABs) database.

Laurie Stewart, Foodborne & Waterborne Disease Epidemiologist, 564-999-1223

Animal illnesses and deaths associated with cyanotoxins. Can assist with follow-up investigations and contacting local veterinarians.

Beth Lipton, State Public Health Veterinarian, 564-669-0656

Public drinking water systems affected by freshwater HABs and cyanotoxins; includes source water protection and treatment.

Steve Deem, Engineering & Technical Services Office of Drinking Water, 360-878-7625

Jolyn Leslie, Surface Water Program Engineering Specialist, 206-945-6927

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