Healthy Beverage Criteria For Cafeterias

Medium and large food service venues can implement some of the options below to achieve their required point levels (medium venues = 25 points, large venues = 50 points).

3 Point Options

  • Offer container/cup sizes for beverages that are no larger than 16 oz.
  • Offer only low-fat and non-fat milk products.

2 Point Options

  • Do not offer free refills of sugar-sweetened beverages.

1 Point Options

  • Make low-fat or non-fat milk the default milk option.
  • For coffee service, serve milk (whole, 2%, low-fat or non-fat) as the default option rather than cream or half and half.
  • If sugar sweetened beverages are offered, an equal number of no/low-calorie beverages must also be offered.
  • Offer only 100% fruit juice with no added sweeteners.
  • Offer vegetable juices that contain 230 mg or less of sodium per serving.