Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice!

Medium and large food service venues can implement some of the options below to achieve their required point levels (medium venues = 25 points, large venues = 50 points).

3 Point Options

  • Sell healthier options at equal or lower price than equivalent available items.

2 Point Options

  • Place healthier items more prominently—closer to customers and at eye level.
  • Reserve at least 75% of promotional signage in the restaurant for healthier items.
  • Do not market or promote deep-fried options as the special or feature of the day.

1 Point Options

  • Train employees to prompt customers to choose non-fried vegetables when ordering.
  • Train employees to prompt customers to choose zero- and low- calorie beverages when ordering.
  • List healthier options first for each category of the menu.
  • List zero- and low- calorie beverages before sugar-sweetened beverages on the menu.
  • 1 point for each approach used for a maximum of 3 points. Promote healthier menu options through advertising, coupons, price promotions, window signs, in-store signage, kiosks, and table tents.