Excluded Populations and Exceptions

Institutions are not required to follow the Healthy Nutrition Guidelines when serving specific populations. Some agencies are also excluded from following the Guidelines.

Excluded Populations


Patients Under Therapeutic Care and Correctional Populations

  • Follow nutrition requirements consistent with medical guidelines and diets for people under therapeutic care. This includes pregnant women and correctional inmates with special dietary needs.

Additional Exceptions

Food for Disaster or Emergency Response

  • Food served by agencies for a disaster, crisis or emergency response is not restricted by these Guidelines. These stocks intentionally include nutrient dense food products.

Religious/Cultural Diets

  • Honor religious and cultural diets by using healthier versions of traditional foods when possible.

Agency Exceptions

  • These Guidelines do not apply to the Department of Veterans Affairs. These Guidelines do not apply to training programs conducted by the Washington State Patrol and other criminal justice training programs. Excepted programs include training for park rangers and trainings at the Criminal Justice Training Center and the Washington Military Department. The Guidelines allow for additional agency exceptions as requested.

Celebratory and Special Occasions

  • The Guidelines do not apply to limited special occasions (once a month). Trips, parties for holidays, and special events are considered special occasions. Agencies should follow the Healthy Nutrition Guidelines for Meetings and Events for such occasions. The Department of Social and Health Services' behavior food and beverage rewards system is considered a “special occasion” and is excluded from the Guidelines.