Collaborate with WTN


Washington Tracking Network's mission is to provide health and environmental data and tools, develop partnerships, and inform data-driven policy and programmatic decisions, with the goal of improving health and health equity in Washington.

To be able to do this, we need to build relationships with our users. We need users to know about what data we have available, so they can use it to solve real-world problems. We need to know what kinds of information users are looking for, and how it would be useful to present it. WTN supports improvements to public health by making data known about, available, and meet users' needs.

Examples of past collaborations include:

  • Partnering with the Puget Sound Educational Service District to create high-school level learning materials around climate change and health using WTN data and tools.
  • Collaborating with Front and Centered, Department of Ecology, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and UW Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences to develop the Environmental Health Disparities map.
  • Working with DOH's Emergency Preparedness and Response section to provide maps of real-time and cumulative impact analysis maps to identify and support vulnerable populations during COVID-19, wildfires, and other emergencies.

What do you want to see on WTN, or be able to do with WTN data? Please reach out to us at with any suggestions of partnerships, projects, or ideas you have.