PrepMod: Washington State's Mass Vaccination System

​​PrepMod will help your organization schedule COVID-19 vaccine clinics and report data into the WAIIS. However, it's not a good fit for every organization. See these use case scenarios or contact us to see if this system will work for you PrepMod Use Case Scenarios (PDF).

To get more information or register to use the PrepMod system, please contact us at with a brief description of your inquiry in the subject line.

PrepMod Enterprise Is Now Live

Users will find new features, which improve work flow and productivity such as clinic cloning, editing consents, easily moving registered patients from one clinic to another along with many more new features.

All non-DOH PrepMod users will now need a SAW account to log into the system. Please ensure your SAW account is up to date, or obtain a SAW account as soon as possible. Follow these instructions for obtaining or updating your SAW account. Use these PrepMod Enterprise Logging In Instructions for assistance with logging into PrepMod.

Please resource the PrepMod Enterprise FAQ for more tips on logging in and cursory information regarding some of the newest features. Our PrepMod team is available to assist you at

PrepMod Access

Once you are approved to use PrepMod, you can access the PrepMod website at:

If you experience delays or errors when trying to get a two-step authentication code by text message for the PrepMod Production site, please try using your email address to receive the authentication code. If you still experience problems accessing the site, please email our PrepMod team at If you need further technical support, please call the PrepMod Help Desk at 888-897-9595 or email

This document provides guidance on who might utilize the PrepMod Monkeypox Clinic module (PDF)

Training Materials

Washington State Immunization Information System (WAIIS) Training Materials

Upcoming Trainings

PrepMod Drop-In User Trainings - Held on a Recurring Schedule

The schedule for June drop-in trainings are now available for registration.

All trainings take place in Eastern Standard Time. Please remember to subtract 3 hours for Pacific Standard Time.

  • Administrator trainings: Approximately 1 hour
    For super, regional, local, provider/employer, and venue admins
  • Staff trainings: Approximately 45 minutes
    For lead staff, staff, and venue users


Technical Support