Approved Plans

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Plan Number Entity Name Sort descending Approved Date Renewal Date
189 AdvanceMed Hanford
(not set)
201 Airlift Northwest (not set)
336 Amerigroup Washington Incorporated (not set)
271 Anesthesia Associates of Spokane (not set)
185 Bellingham Anesthesia and Surgical Consultants (not set)
399 Bellingham Anesthesia Associates, P.S.
(not set)
198 Bellingham Surgery Center (not set)
20211216-38 Better Health Value Network LLC dba Physician Care Alliance (not set)
333 Cancer Care Northwest (not set)
284 Cardiac Study Center, INC P.S. (not set)
20220302-73 Care Medical P.C. (not set)
302 Carena Medical Providers, PS (not set)
319 CareSimple Providers, P.S. (not set)
324 Carol Migard Breast Center (not set)
376 CellNetix Pathology, PLLC
(not set)
418 Central Pierce Fire and Rescue
(not set)
421 Central Whidbey Island Fire and Rescue
(not set)
347 CHAS Health (not set)
20210802-11 CHI Franciscan Medical Group (not set)
01 Clark United Providers
(not set)
266 Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program
(not set)
20211215-36 Columbia Anesthesia Group (not set)
118 Columbia Basin Health Association (not set)
144 Columbia Medical Associates (not set)
152 Colville Medical Center dba Northeast Washington Medical Group (not set)
20211216-37 Community Health Association of Spokane (not set)
117 Community Health Care (not set)
45 Community Health Center La Clinica (not set)
20210807-12 Community Health Center of Snohomish County (not set)
199 Community Health Centers of King County
(not set)
300 Community Health of Central Washington (not set)
254 Community Health Plan of Washington
(not set)
20211221-48 Compass Health (not set)
20211108-25 Comprehensive Healthcare (formerly Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health) (not set)
20211105-24 Confluence Health (not set)
327 Country Doctor Community Health Centers
(not set)
222 Country Doctor Community Health Centers (Carolyn Downs Community Health Center and Country Doctor Community Clinic)
(not set)
20211229-59 CVCH- Columbia Valley Community Health (not set)
42 Dental Health Services (not set)
20210527-06 Diagnostic Imaging Northwest also known as Medical Imaging Northwest Good Samaritan Hospital Imaging Alliance, LLC (not set)
356 Digestive Health Specialists P.S.
(not set)
36 Doctors Health Plan Inc. of Washington (not set)
310 DSHS Behavioral Health and Service Integration Adminstration (not set)
276 Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Associates (not set)
433 East Pierce Fire and Rescue
(not set)
402 Eastside Emergency Physicians
(not set)
303 Eastside Endoscopy Center - Issaquah (not set)
Eastside Endoscopy Center, LLC
(not set)
20211220-47 Eastside Health Network (not set)
244 Eastside Urology Associates Ambulatory Surgical Center (not set)
348 Edmonds Family Medicine (not set)
20211110-26 Emergency Associates of Yakima (not set)
71 Everett Family Practice Center (not set)
322 EvergreenHealth Partners (not set)
78 Eye Associates Northwest (not set)
108 Eye Clinic of Bellevue (not set)
20211216-39 Family Care Network (not set)
95 Family Health Centers (not set)
99 Feminist Women's Health Center (not set)
92 First Choice Health Plan (not set)
20210907-14 Foundation for Health Care Quality (not set)
Foundation for Health Care Quality HealthPact Communication and Resolution Program
(not set)
365 Franciscan City Urgent Care Services, P.S.
(not set)
225 Gig Harbor Ambulatory Surgery Center (not set)
110 Good Samaritan Surgery Center (not set)
417 Graham Fire and Rescue
(not set)
85 Grant County EMS Council (not set)
103 Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare (not set)
239 Group Health Cooperative
(not set)
10 Group Health Northwest (not set)
196 Group Health Permanente (not set)
51 Hall Health Primary Care Center (not set)
37 Health Maintenance of Oregon (not set)
403 HealthPoint
(not set)
320 HeatlhPact Communication and Resolution Program (not set)
09 Highline Medical Services Organization (not set)
76 Highline West Seattle Mental Health Center (not set)
39 HMO Washington (not set)
305 HPMC Occupational Medical Services (not set)
174 InCyte Pathology (not set)
297   Inland Imaging, LLC, PS
(not set)
20220113-68 Integra Imaging (not set)
137 Interfaith Community Health Center (not set)
20220224-71 International Community Health Services (not set)
292 International Health Community Services (not set)
354 Jefferson Community Counseling Center dba Discovery Behavioral Healthcare (not set)
264 Kadlec Health System Outpatient Clinics     (not set)
428 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
(not set)
20211230-64 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington (not set)
272 Kaiser Permanente Dental Care Program Northwest
(not set)
20211228-56 King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division (not set)
02 King County Medical Blue Shield
(not set)
275 Kitsap County EMS Trauma Care Council (not set)
173 Kitsap Mental Health Services
(not set)
12 KPS Health Plans (not set)
53 Lakeshore Clinic (not set)
184 Lakeshore Clinic, PLLC (not set)
404 Matrix Anesthesia PS 
(not set)
13 Medalia HealthCare (not set)
257 Memorial Physicians, PLLC (not set)
291 Meridian Surgery Center (not set)
20220225-72 Midwives Association of Washington State (not set)
270 Minor and James Medical
(not set)
20211230-63 Moses Lake Community Health Center (not set)
432 MultiCare Connected Care, LLC
(not set)
406 MultiCare Health System
(not set)

MultiCare Medical Group

MultiCare Medical Associates
MultiCare Connected Care, LLC
(not set)
383 Multicare Rockwood Clinic
(not set)
372 Navos
(not set)
268 NE Washington Health Programs
(not set)
413 Neighborcare
(not set)
228 North Cascade Cardiology (not set)
20211220-45 North Sound Behavioral Health Organization (not set)
359 North Sound Emergency Medicine
(not set)
125 North Sound Regional Support Network
(not set)
334 Northwest Emergency Physicians also Team Health Northwest (not set)
195 Northwest Endoscophy Center, LLC (not set)
05 Northwest Health Partners (not set)
368 Northwest Kidney Centers
(not set)
335 Northwest Kidney Centers Hospital (not set)
120 Northwest Medication Safety Council/UW SOP
(not set)
241 Northwest Newborn Specialists, P.C. (not set)
293 Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists (not set)
242 Northwest Orthopedic Specialists, dba The Orthopedic Surgery Center (not set)
216 Northwest Orthopedic Surgeons (not set)
288 Northwest Pathology, PS (not set)
56 Northwest Physicians Network (not set)
86 Northwest Practice Management (not set)
20211117-27 Northwest Surgical Specialists PC DBA Rebound Orthopedics and Neurosurgery (not set)
64 Olympia Anesthesia Associates, P.C. (not set)
349 Olympia Emergency Services Providence Saint Peter Hospital (not set)
20211220-46 Olympia Multi-Specialty Clinic (not set)
220 Olympia Surgery Center (not set)
20211102-21 Olympic Anesthesia (not set)
67 Options Health Care Inc. (not set)
35 Orthopedic Consultants of Washington, Inc. (not set)
416 Orting Fire and Rescue
(not set)
20211231-66 Overlake Ambulatory Surgery Center (not set)
172 Overlake Anesthesiologists, P.S. (not set)
20211231-65 Overlake Medical Center (not set)
213 Pacific Anesthesia P.C.
(not set)
341 Pacific Anesthesia, P.C. (not set)
352 Pacific Anesthesia, P.C. (not set)
11 Pacific Care of Washington (not set)
20220304-74 Pacific Medical Centers (not set)
280 Pacific Northwest Emergency Physicians LLC (not set)
246 Peace Health Medical Group (not set)
20211224-52 Peace Health Medical Group (not set)
20220223-70 Peace Health Networks on Demand or ZoomCare (not set)
337 PeaceHealth Medical Group Washington Clinics (not set)
360 Peninsula Community Health Services
(not set)
423 Peninsula Community Health Services
(not set)
2211105-23 Peninsula Community Health Services (not set)
20211210-34 Physicians Anesthesia Service dba US Anesthesia Partners-Washington (not set)
121 Physicians Clinic of Spokane (not set)
269 Physicians of Southwest Washington (not set)
240 Physicians' Anesthesia Service, Inc., P.S.
(not set)
16 Pierce County Medical Bureau (not set)
236 Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest (not set)
171 Planned Parenthood of Western Washington
(not set)
20210608-09 PNWCIN, LLC dba Embright (not set)
68 Premera (not set)
60 Pro Health Alliance (not set)
Professional Midwives' Affiliation
(not set)
250 Proliance Surgeons, Inc. P.S. (not set)
Proliance Surgeons, P.S. Inc
(not set)
23 Providence Health Plans in Washington (not set)
84 Providence Medical Group (not set)
20211208-33 Providence Medical Group Inland Washington (not set)
20211208-32 Providence Medical Group Northwest Region (not set)
408 Public Health Seattle King County
(not set)
20211206-31 Public Health Seattle King County Emergency Medical Services (not set)
150 Puget Sound Blood Center (not set)
20211103-22 Puget Sound Gastroenterology (not set)
79 Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Centers (not set)
20210630-10 Puget Sound Physicians, LLC (not set)
350 Pulse Heart Institute (not set)
26 Puyallup Valley Healthcare (not set)
58 QualMed Health Plan - Inland NW Region dba Molina Healthcare (not set)
QualMed Washington Health Plan Inc., Puget Sound Division dba Molina Healthcare
(not set)
20211229-61 Radia Inc., P.S (not set)
279 Radia Incorporated P.S.
(not set)
200 Regence BlueShield (not set)
247 Rockwood Clinic
(not set)
149 Rural Healthcare Quality Network (not set)
367 Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
(not set)
20210825-13 Seattle Emergency Physicians Services (not set)
55 Seattle Primary Physicians (not set)
308 Seattle ProCure Management, LLC (not set)
314 Seattle Radiologists,  P.C.
(not set)
41 Seattle-King County Department of Public Health/Quality Practice (not set)
301 Seattle/King County Department of Public Health Emergency Medical Services
(not set)
48 SelectCare (not set)
66 Skagit County Medical Bureau (not set)
20211122-28 Skagit Radiology, Inc. PC (not set)
134 Skagit Valley Medical Center (not set)
351 Smiles Dental Group, PC (not set)
427 Sound Family Medicine
(not set)
194 Sound Women's Care (not set)
208 Soundpath Health (previously Puget Sound Health Partners) (not set)
394 South Sound Surgeouns dba as Northwest Weight Loss Surgery
(not set)
221 South Sound Surgery Center (not set)
251 Southlake Clinic (not set)
243 Southwest Medical Group (not set)
181 Southwest Washington Regional Medical Center (not set)
46 Spokane County EMS & Trauma Care Council (not set)
204 Spokane Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, P.S. (not set)
175 Spokane Eye Clinic (not set)
358 Spokane Integrated Health Services
(not set)
17 Spokane Mental Health (not set)
25 Stevens Health Network (not set)
219 Stevens Primary Care Clinics (not set)
59 Stevens Prime Care (not set)
83 Summit View Clinic (not set)
237 Surgery Center of Silverdale, LLC (not set)
Surgical Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program
(not set)
163 Surgical Specialists of Spokane (not set)
20211223-51 Swedish Health Services (not set)
411 Swenson Healthcare
(not set)
20211122-29 Tacoma Fire Department (not set)
123 Tacoma Trauma Services (not set)
325 TeamHealth Norhtwest (not set)
20210527-05 The Carol Milegard Breast Cancer Center (not set)
107 The Doctors Clinic (not set)
429 The Everett Clinic (not set)
52 The Lakewood Clinic (not set)
20211228-57 The Polyclinic (not set)
183 Thurston County Medic One (not set)
20210527-07 TRA Medical Imaging NW (TRA-MINW) (not set)
361 TRA-MINW PS (this is formerly Tacoma Radiological Associates, P.S. plan #245)
(not set)
116 Tri-Cities Cancer Center (not set)
339 Tri-Cities Community Health (formerly Community La Clinica) (not set)
93 Tri-Cities Trauma Service (not set)
232 Tri-City Regional Surgery Center (not set)
20 Unified Physicians of Washington
(not set)
20210527-08 Union Avenue Open MRI (not set)
345 Unity Care Northwest (not set)
20211220-44 University of Washington School of Dentistry (not set)
20211203-30 University of Washington/UW Medicine (not set)
106 Valley Cities Counseling & Consultation (not set)
409 Valley Gastroenterology Endoscopy Center
(not set)
282 Valley Medical Center Clinic Network (not set)
81 Valley Medical Center Clinic Network (not set)
261 Valley Radiologists
(not set)
20220228-69 Valley View Health Center (not set)
20210915-15 Vancouver Clinic (not set)
218 Vancouver Radiologists, PC (not set)
379 Vantage Radiology and Diagnostic Services P.S.
(not set)
329 Vera Whole Health Inc. (not set)
362 Virginia Mason Medical Center
(not set)
231 Virginia Mason Medical Center Satellite Division
(not set)
20211230-62 Walla Walla Clinic (not set)
21 Walla Walla General Integrated Delivery System (not set)
20211229-60 Washington Alliance for Responsible Midwifery (not set)
47 Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians (not set)
378 Washington Council for Behavioral Health
(not set)
69 Washington Dental Service (not set)
20211025-20 Washington Hospital Services (not set)
14 Washington Managed Imaging (not set)
20211007-17 Washington Medical Association (not set)
176 Washington Medical Group Alliance (WMGA) (not set)
278 Washington Patient Safety Coalition
(not set)
20211221-49 Washington Permanente Medical (not set)
20210522--03 Washington Rural Health Collaborative d/b/a The Rural Health Collaborative (not set)
159 Washington State Chapter American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (not set)
20211005-16 Washington State Department of Corrections (not set)
20211227-54 Washington State Department of Office of Community Health Systems (not set)
167 Washington State Hospital Association (not set)
20211221-50 Washington State University Cougar Health Services (not set)
140 Wenatchee Valley Medical Center
(not set)
20211228-55 West Pierce Fire and Rescue (not set)
132 West Seattle Psychiatric Hospital (not set)
248 Western Washington Medical Group
(not set)
54 Whatcom Medical Bureau (not set)
410 Willapa Counseling Center dba Willapa Behavioral Health Coordinated Quality Improvement Program
(not set)
20211228-58 Woodcreek Health Care (not set)
389 Woodcreek Provider Services, LLC (not set)
20211217-43 Yakima Neighborhood Health Services (not set)